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11th September 2006

Peugeot reveals next 207 CC

However much this car looks like a new 207 CC, Peugeot is telling us that this is the 207 Epure concept.

Designed for the Paris motor show the Epure is as close as we will see to the next Coupe Convertible from Peugeot but by calling it a concept car they can allow themselves the freedom of making changes before the launch and to glam it up in time for the show,

The Epure is finished in gleaming pearl white with a white leather interior, trimmed with lime green. Green is also the colour of the engine, or rather hyrogen fuel cell under the bonnet. Not something you are likely to see in a 207 CC any time soon. Developed in partnership with the French Atomic Energy Commission, the fuel cell is said to be able to power the Epure from 0-62mph in 15 seconds, up to 81mph, and gives a range of up to 218 miles.

The Peugeot 207 CC is expected to go on sale in the UK in June 2007.

8th September 2006

Renault Nepta convertible concept car

Renault have unveiled their Nepta concept car, a four-seater convertible with a unique gullwing door system. The entire side of the car lifts up giving access to the front and rear seats and making a carefully displayed engine visible. The 420 horsepower V6 powerplant means the car is a capable performer. Renault claim it will accelerate to 62 mph in 4.9 seconds. It also has features such as LED headlights and taillights, carbon-fibre bodywork, Michelin's latest prototype tires and advanced air turbulence deflectors.

Renault Nepta Cabriolet

The interior is exquisitely designed with sculptural seats and luxurious looking features. Rear passengers are protected from wind buffeting by glass deflectors between both front and rear seats.

Renault Nepta Convertible

Very much a concept the car, it appears to have no roof to speak of (and in fact the doors wouldn't open if it had) but then this is "an expression of Renault's vision of driving pleasure" rather than a realistic production convertible car.

Renault Nepta Roadster

The Renault Nepta will be on display from September 30th at the Paris Motor Show.


Saab 93 convertible

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