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Aixam Scouty (2000-2013)

Aixam is well established in France as a builder of microcars or quadricycles, as they’re technically known. These are descendants of the Citro├źn 2CV being small, cheap, simple and mostly used by elderly country people. The Aixam Scouty R Cabriolet is aimed to appeal to young, hip urban dwellers. In line with the French government’s quadricycle regulations, the top speed of the two cylinder 400cc diesel version is limited to 30 mph. This allows it to be driven on a motorcycle licence by those as young as 16 in France or 14 in Italy. There is also the RTG model with a more powerful 505cc petrol 2 cylinder engine, doubling the top speed.

The two-seat Aixam Scouty R has a surprisingly roomy interior which can be made more civilised by options include a CD player and power windows. The roof is a removable hardtop panel which can then be stored in a surprisingly large boot.

Aixam Scouty Details

Production Dates2000-2013
Luggage Capacity 400 litres / 14.13 cu ft
Fuel Tank Capacity 16 litres / 4.2 US gal
Warranty years or miles


Fuel type Diesel
Engine type 2 Cylinder
Engine Capacity 400 cc
Power - bhp
Torque - lb.ft
Transmission type Variomatic
UK Retail Price from £12,500


Max speed (auto) 30 mph / 48 kph
0-60mph (auto) - seconds
0-100kmph (auto) - seconds

Economy and Emissions