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The Best Convertible Cars, Cabriolets & Roadsters

Convertible cars are a breath of fresh air. They come in all shapes and sizes from compact city cabriolets to roadsters and exotic luxury supercars. Every one of them enjoys a sense of open-air freedom and greater involvement in the driving experience.

Convertible Car Magazine is a leading international motoring website focused on open top cars. If you are looking for some new wheels, our Buyers Guide to convertible cars is the best place to start. We also have in-depth reviews, news and articles on everything you need to know about drop-tops.

Life’s too short to settle for boring.

Latest Convertible Car News

  • New BMW Z4 Roadster

    New BMW Z4 Roadster Revealed

    The new BMW Z4 Roadster has now been revealed with sales beginning in the Spring of 2019. While the previous generation aimed to broaden appeal with luxuries and a more compliant driving experience, the new car should be lighter and more agile.


  • Jaguar E-type Roadster

    An E-Type only better

    A Jaguar E-Type Roadster restoration to better than new condition with the addition of some subtle improvements to make it more useable. The classic looks have been maintained yet underneath there are many changes.


  • Mazda MX5

    Facelift Mazda MX-5 with more power

    The faithful Mazda MX-5 Roadster is due a refresh soon and details of the upgrades are coming in.


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