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Maserati MC12 (2005)

The Maserati MC12 was born out of the intention to take the marque back to winning races after a 37-year break. The Ferrari Maserati Group’s wealth of knowledge and technological excellence were poured into the design of the car which shared many components with the mighty Ferrari Enzo. In order to qualify for racing a very limited number of road legal cars had to be made which totalled 50 cars. It prooved successful in racing winning the 2005 FIA GT Manufacturers Cup, but the targa roofed car was not practical for road use. The Maserati MC12 is both wider and longer than the Ferrari Enzo and has no rear window. The larger body results in increased downforce which helped the car to be so successful on the track.

Maserati MC12 Details

Production Dates2005
Warranty years or miles


Fuel type Unleaded Petrol
Engine type V12
Engine Capacity 5998 cc
Power 621@7500 bhp
Torque 481@5500 lb.ft
Transmission type 6-spd F1
UK Insurance Group 20/50


Max speed (manual) 205 mph / 330 kph
0-60mph (manual) 205 seconds
0-100kmph (manual) - seconds

Economy and Emissions