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Latest Convertible Car News

  • Jaguar XK Final Fifty Convertible

    Jaguar XK Final Fifty Limited Edition

    With the Jaguar F-Type now firmly established as one of the most desirable cars in the world it is time for the XK to complete its reign as Jaguar’s sports car. Jaguar have announced that the model will end its 8 year production cycle this summer.


  • Morgan Plus 8 Speedster

    Morgan Plus 8 Speedster Announced

    The Morgan Plus 8 Speedster is a classically styled roadster stripped back to the bare essentials with the focus on performance and driver experience.


  • Aston Martin Vantage GT Roadster

    Aston Martin Vantage GT Roadster

    Aston Martin have unveiled an new model in New York that aims to take back some market share from the new Jaguar F-Type. The Vantage GT is a more performance focussed car with a simplified equipment package intended to give an analogue feel to the car.


Convertible Car Features

  • 2014 Convertible Cars

    New Convertible Cars for 2014

    Some major names in the convertible car industry will be updated in 2014 including the BMW 1 and 3 Series Convertible replacements and an all new trimmed down MX-5 Roadster. The convertible industry seems to continue in strength despite some media accusations to the contrary.


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