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The Best Convertible Cars, Cabriolets & Roadsters

Convertible cars are a breath of fresh air. They come in all shapes and sizes from compact city cabriolets to roadsters and exotic luxury supercars. Every one of them enjoys a sense of open-air freedom and greater involvement in the driving experience.

Convertible Car Magazine is a leading international motoring website focused on open top cars. If you are looking for some new wheels, our Buyers Guide to convertible cars is the best place to start. We also have in-depth reviews, news and articles on everything you need to know about drop-tops.

Life’s too short to settle for boring.

Latest Convertible Car News

Features and Reviews

  • MINI Superleggera Vision

    Convertible Cars – What happened to 2017?

    What happened to our usual ‘New Convertible Cars to Expect this Year” article? The truth is, it would have made pretty light reading. 2017 is particularly notable for an absence of new convertibles.


  • Used Convertible Cars

    Buying a Used Convertible Car

    Not only has there never been a greater range of choice in the used convertible car market but with dropping numbers of affordable convertibles available new, demand is set to rise in future years.


  • Future Classic Cars

    10 Future Classic Convertible Cars

    ‘Future Classic’ is an over-used phrase within the car industry, regularly used to describe any car with individuality or desirable features. In reality, few vehicles become really desirable as classic cars but it is possible to understand the recipe for success that may make a car sought after.