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Acrea Zest

The Acrea Zest is a back-to-basics roadster designed to bring back a simplicity to open top motoring. The Zest is officially a quadricycle, and so can legally be driven on a motorcycle license in much of Europe. Acrea targets a fringe of the public attracted by a return to simple pleasures in the fresh air; tired of the vanity of cars ever more efficient, more expensive, more complex, but paradoxically sterile.

Its engine is modest, but Acrea claim this is unimportant. They believe potential customers are more interested in driving and the pleasure of handling rather than in performance.

Acrea Zest Details

Fuel Tank Capacity 26 litres / 6.9 US gal
Warranty years or miles


Fuel type Unleaded Petrol
Engine type 2 Cylinder
Engine Capacity 505 cc
Power 21@5200 bhp
Torque - lb.ft
Transmission type Variable
UK Retail Price from £8,000


Max speed (manual) 68 mph / 109 kph
0-60mph (manual) - seconds
0-100kmph (manual) - seconds

Economy and Emissions