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Dodge SRT10 Viper (1991-2010)

Hugely powerful and incredibly fast method of getting from A to B but only if you wish to travel in straight lines. The Dodge SRT10 Viper is the epitome of the American muscle car with its huge 8.3 litre V10 engine. The Viper’s build quality and handling are less impressive, however. The Dodge is quite a handful and puts up a fight whenever corners are involved; there is no electric stability or traction control so if purity is your thing, this won’t disappoint. On a scale of handling precision, this is at the opposite end to a Porsche 911. Driving the Viper is hard work but if you win the battle it will be immensely rewarding.

The fourth generation Viper was phased out in 2010 with a limited final edition. A new generation Dodge Viper SRT was created in 2012, but a roadster/convertible option was not offered.

Dodge SRT10 Viper Details

Production Dates1991-2010