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Fabric Roof Convertibles:

Fabric Roof Convertibles

A few years ago following the rise of the hardtop convertible, the fabric roof looked like its future was limited. Fortunately car designers and consumers came to their senses and the ragtop has seen a renaissance. While it may loose out a little in overall security and perhaps maintenance the fabric roof wins on many important factors. They cost less, weigh less take up considerably less space than their solid counterparts. This means more luggage space and bodywork styling that looks more elegant and less bulbous. They also have a wonderfully classic stylish look. They reflect 1960s movie stars in the South of France rather than someone who has opted for something luxurious but still quite sensible.

The wonders of an automated hardtop for a while seemed wonderful to watch but now they are a bit more commonplace the traditional glamour of a fabric roof is returning. It seems for now there is a place for each in the market.

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