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BMW 507 Roadster

The BMW 507 Roadster was developed in responce to a boyant American car market and a demand for stylish European sports cars. Based on the 501 saloon platform and with stunning bodywork by Albrecht von Goertz the 507 was a capable roadster if a little under-powered.

Unfortunately it was a massive failure for BMW who lost money on every car made due to high costs of the hand crafted construction. With a price close to the race-bred Mercedes-Benz 300SL it attraced only a few sales including a number of celebrities and racing drivers. The US importer Max Hoffman had hoped to sell 5000 cars a year but at double the projected price only 252 cars were made before production was ended with BMW almost bankrupt.

Independent double wishbones suspension featured at the front with a live axle at the rear. Disc brakes were only used on later cars with earleir models using unpowered drums. Powered by a 3.2 litre aluminium V8 engine it wasn’t nearly as quick as the more advanced Mercedes but the beautiful hand formed aluminium bodywork and rarity has made this car a desirable classic with sales of carefully restored cars now selling for seven figure sums.

The 507 design has influenced that of BMW’s more recent roadsters, most notably the Z8 which was intensionally an modern reflection of this classic car.

BMW 507 Roadster Specifications

Car brand BMW
Production dates 1956-1959
Engine type V8
Engine capacity 3168 cc
Power 150@5000 BHP
Torque 173@4000 lb.ft
Transmission type 4 Speed manual
Max speed 122 mph

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