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MGB Roadster

The affordable MGB Roadster made the small British company a worldwide brand and set its place in history as a design icon. It was built for a full 18 years with a production totalling around 390,000 cars the majority of which were exported to the United States.

The MGB’s monocoque construction and mass produced components made it an affordable sports car and it thus became very popular. The performance was brisk when the car was introduced back in 1962 and the handling excellent. In a brake with tradition it was also considerably more comfortable than other sports car of its time with smooth suspension and well cushioned seats.

In 1974 the design was radically updated to comply with US safety and emissions legislations. The engine was de-tuned, the ride height was raised and the chrome bumpers were exchanged with large black rubber bumpers.

Sadly MG were slow to follow up the B with a new model and the brand was swallowed up by the larger British Motor Corporation. It would be over a decade before Rover Group revived the brand with the mid-engined MGF roadster.

MGB Roadster Specifications

Car brand MG
Production dates 1962-1980
Engine type Straight 4
Engine capacity 1798 cc
Power 95 BHP
Torque 110 lb.ft
Transmission type 4 speed manual
Max speed 102 mph

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