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Mercedes CLK AMG DTM Cabriolet (2006)

Limited to a production run of only 100 cars the Mercedes CLK AMG DTM Cabriolet held the crown of the fastest four-seat convertible money can buy. However, it does take a lot of money and although its styling suggests a close relationship with Mercedes track cars the DTM has more in common with the standard AMG CLK. However, it produces considerably more power from the same AMG V8 engine and the numerous other modifications give supercar performance to what was a practical cruiser.

Mercedes CLK AMG DTM Cabriolet Details

Production Dates2006
Warranty years or miles


Fuel type Unleaded Petrol
Engine type V8
Engine Capacity 5439 cc
Power 582@6100 bhp
Torque 590@3500 lb.ft
Transmission type 5-spd Sequential
UK Retail Price from £277,820
UK Insurance Group 20/50


Max speed (auto) 186 mph / 299 kph
0-60mph (auto) - seconds
0-100kmph (auto) 4 seconds

Economy and Emissions