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Mercedes CLK AMG GTR Roadster (2002)

The original Mercedes CLK GTR Coupe was created with the aim of winning the 1997 FIA GT championship, however a requirement for this was that not only should design be road legal it should have a production run of at least road 25 cars. The GTR achieved its racing goal and the road cars were produced with a £million price tag.

The GTR was such a racing success that it was the only entry for the GT racing series the following year, resulting in it being cancelled. The Mercedes CLK AMG GTR Roadster may well be the happy coincidence of this situation as there must have been a number of valuable remaining chassis looking for owners. At any length, the Roadster was built in a limited edition of 5 cars with the same carbon fibre monocoque and V12 engine. The roof is removed and occupants are protected by an integrated steel roll cage.

Mercedes CLK AMG GTR Roadster Details

Production Dates2002
Fuel Tank Capacity 90 litres / 23.8 US gal
Warranty years or miles


Fuel type Unleaded Petrol
Engine type V12
Engine Capacity 6898 cc
Power 610@6800 bhp
Torque 572@5250 lb.ft
Transmission type 6-spd sequential
UK Retail Price from £1,000,000
UK Insurance Group 20/50


Max speed (auto) 199 mph / 320 kph
0-60mph (auto) 3.2 seconds
0-100kmph (auto) 3.8 seconds

Economy and Emissions