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Jaguar XK120

The Jaguar XK120 marked the beginning of the post war era of fast elegant roadsters. Originally only planned as a show car and test-bed for Jaguar’s new XK engine it drew so much public attention that it was put into production. Its success was to put Jaguar on the map as a luxury car maker.

The Jaguar XK120 was a glamourous escape from the years of post-war austerity. The interior was beautifully appointed in leather and walnut. The convertible was available in two versions: the Drop Head Coupe with a lined canvas top, taller doors and wind up windows (a novelty in their day) or the Roadster or Open Top Sports (as it was known in the US) with a light-weight roof and barchetta-style doors with no external handles and detachable side-screens.

The first series of 242 cars were with hand-beaten aluminium body panels but as demand continued to grow Jaguar brought in automation during 1950 to press body parts from steel to speed up production. Despite being a fast luxury car the Jaguar was priced competitively undercutting many rivals from Europe and America.

Standard cars were tested and found to reach beyond 120 mph thanks to the legendary straight 6 XK engine with its aluminium cylinder head and twin overhead camshafts.

Jaguar XK120 Specifications

Car brand Jaguar
Production dates 1949-1954
Engine type Straight 6
Engine capacity 3442 cc
Power 160 BHP
Transmission type 4 speed manual
Max speed 122 mph

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2 responses to “Jaguar XK120”

  1. Avatar for Ivan godwin Ivan godwin says:

    My jag is an XK120 DHC (SE), 50000 miles. Been in family since 1954. Fully restored. Beautiful. I was 17 when I first drove it, am now 76. I was told It was the first DHC on West coast. 1014 of 1769 made.

    • Avatar for Andy Hirt Andy Hirt says:

      Dear Mr Godwin

      Saw your comment and was not quite sure, whethter this was just a comment or you were thinking about selling the car. If so please let me know.

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