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Flat 6 Engine Convertible Cars:

The Flat or Boxer engine has been used by several manufacturers but has been most keenly developed by Porsche. The main benefit of this layout is a low engine height which lowers the centre of gravity and allows it to be fitted into confined spaces such as that of the rear engined Porsche 911.

With six cylinders this engine is almost entirely the domain of the Porsche 911 however it has also seen use in some of the larger Subaru saloon cars as well as several historic racing cars. The distinctive sound and smooth power delivery make it a desirable layout however fuel economy is not one of its strengths.

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Flat 6 Convertible Car Buyer's Guide

The Convertible Car Magazine Buyer's Guide is a reference for all production convertibles currently available. Here we look at the best Flat 6 powered convertibles on the market. See our News section for information on the latest convertible cars before they reach showrooms.