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Small Convertibles:

Small Convertibles

Small convertibles or compact convertible cars are becoming increasingly popular. Busy city streets and high fuel costs have caused an explosion in the market for small cars. The best small convertible cars combine practicality with fun, after all just because a car is small doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

The Peugeot 206 CC was the first small hardtop convertible. It went to the top of the sales charts and started a wave of similar cars. The convenience and security of a hardtop along with the fun wind in the hair experience of a soft top brought a new level of luxury to the small convertible sector.

Today there’s plenty of small convertible cars to choose from; tiny city cars line the Smart Fortwo to the larger Audi A3 Cabriolet and BMW 1 Series Convertible. Some very practical every day cars with an injection of fun. Just don’t expect lots of interior space.

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News About Small Convertibles

  • 25 Years of the Mini Convertible

    25 years of the Mini Convertible

    Mini reach the landmark of 25 years of the Mini Convertible in June 2018. The brand has made a great success out of their small convertible car which started out as a niche product and is now a best-seller around the world.


  • 2018 MINI Convertible

    New 2018 MINI Convertible Revealed

    The MINI Convertible gets a facelift for 2018. This small convertible car now boasts front and rear LED lights, optional double-clutch gearbox and an updated infotainment system among other upgrades.


  • smart fortwo cabrio

    Smart fortwo cabrio returns

    The new smart fortwo cabrio is unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show making it once again, the only fully convertible city car.