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Peugeot 307 CC (2003-2008)

The convertible Peugeot 307 CC is a slickly put together and well equipped package. It is a top seller in its class despite being more expensive than many of its rivals. The folding hard top works well and despite Peugeot’s early reliability problems it now seems problem free. It does add weight to the car but most owners prefer the convenience it brings. Compared to the smaller 206 and 207 CCs the cabin is much more roomy and the back seats can be used by adults.

The CC’s ride and handling are good on the open road and though sportier than the 307 hatch, is less impressive in the twisty stuff. But then this is a car for crusing in the sunshine rather than for breaking track records. Like many hardtop convertibles it has love-it or hate-it styling and very generous levels of equipment. The Peugeot 307 CC was replaced in May 2009 by the new Peugeot 308 CC.

Peugeot 307 CC Details

Production Dates2003-2008
Luggage Capacity 350 litres / 12.36 cu ft
Fuel Tank Capacity 60 litres / 15.9 US gal
Warranty 3 years or 60,000 miles
Service Intervals 20,000 miles

Peugeot 307 CC 1.6 16v

The 1.6 litre powered Peugeot 307 CC was the base model but standard equipment levels are generous making it feel great value for money. The less powerful engine suits the car well and doesn't feel like it's dragging its heals. Fuel economy is reasonable too although the latest new cars make it look less impressive.


Fuel type Unleaded Petrol
Engine type Straight 4
Engine Capacity 1587 cc
Power 110@5800 bhp
Torque 110@4000 lb.ft
Transmission type 5-spd manual
UK Retail Price from £17,995
UK Insurance Group 8/14


Max speed (manual) 119 mph / 192 kph
0-100kmph (manual) 12.7 seconds

Economy and Emissions

EU Combined Fuel Economy (manual) 37.2 mpg / 7.6 L/100km
CO2 Emissions (manual) 178 g/km

Peugeot 307 CC 2.0 16v

Peugeot's 2 litre 307 Coupé Cabriolet provides plenty of power for this four seat convertible. Economy remains reasonable (although lagging behind modern engines) and it is enjoyable to drive. Don't expect sports car dynamics and you won't be disappointed.


Fuel type Unleaded Petrol
Engine type Straight 4
Engine Capacity 1997 cc
Power 140@6000 bhp
Torque 150@4000 lb.ft
Transmission type 5-spd manual / 4-spd Tiptronic
UK Retail Price from £19,695
UK Insurance Group 11/20


Max speed (manual) 129 mph / 208 kph
Max speed (auto) 128 mph / 206 kph
0-100kmph (manual) 10.1 seconds
0-100kmph (auto) 11.3 seconds

Economy and Emissions

EU Combined Fuel Economy (manual) 34.9 mpg / 8.1 L/100km
EU Combined Fuel Economy (auto) 33.6 mpg / 8.4 L/100km
CO2 Emissions (manual) 194 g/km
CO2 Emissions (auto) 211 g/km

Peugeot 307 CC HDi 136


Fuel type Diesel
Engine type Straight 4
Engine Capacity 1997 cc
Power 136@4000 bhp
Torque 240@2000 lb.ft
Transmission type 6-spd manual
UK Retail Price from £22,295
UK Insurance Group 11/21


Max speed (manual) 129 mph / 208 kph
0-100kmph (manual) 10.3 seconds

Economy and Emissions

EU Combined Fuel Economy (manual) 47.1 mpg / 6 L/100km
CO2 Emissions (manual) 159 g/km

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6 Owner Reviews

Do you drive a Peugeot 307 CC? Would you recommend it to others? Join the conversation and let us know what you think of the car. This Peugeot currently has 6 owner reviews.

  1. Avatar for James James says:

    I have recently bought a 07 plate for just over £6,000 in 2011. It is a good-looker with the roof down and the leather seating is super. It is not a sports car! So please don’t think of it in that manner. It is sluggish in the normal twists and bends of driving but for cruising on the free road or motorways, it is excellent. I get almost 35 MPG combined with 1.6 petrol, so not sure how the dealers get 37 MPG as I was very limited with the use of Air Con etc. The MP 3 player and 5 CD are useful as well as the automatics of lights, and wipers. I am happy with the purchase should be fun to drive in the summer.

  2. Avatar for John Perks John Perks says:

    I’ve just bought one of these 307’s and find it pretty-well what I hoped. I have as my main car a decent Jag so I’ll not be frustrated by lack of performance!. The Peugeot is a nice looking car, comfortable and satisfying if all one wants is an easy drive with the top down on sunny days. That is all I looked for in a convertible – press the button and presto – lots of infra red and ultra violet rays to absorb. Although a Violet I once knew did offer something a little different……..

  3. Avatar for Allan Williams Allan Williams says:

    I have a 2004 307 2 ltr Convertible.
    The Car stopped and Activated The Crash Bars, as if I had been in an accident. And the Roof is Down, and wont come back up, and will not start again. They told me IF I disconected the Crash bars, and took them off it will work again
    Please tell me what to do and what is wrong,
    Many Thanks Allan ?????

  4. Avatar for Bruno Bruno says:

    please how can i get the glass engine winner for Peugeot 307 coupe convertible new model?

  5. Avatar for Danny Danny says:

    Did you ever get it back on the road?

  6. Avatar for Tsmmy walker Tsmmy walker says:

    my partner and myself have a Peugeot each..We both have had so many problems with almost everything on the cars.. Except the motors,They run well and stick to the road great..But the roof got stuck half way up, Things fall apart so easy, the windows and door locks play up, it’s very hard to see out the back window…But this is only because we had brought them from a second hand car dealer that totally ripped us off…I love my car, just wish it wasn’t always having something stop working on a weekly base…307 auto 2004 model/ 307manual 2006 model…Heads are always turning while driving, Nice looking cars

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