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Volkswagen Eos (2006-2015)

Every effort was made to stress that the Volkswagen Eos was far from a Golf Convertible and added an extra layer of exclusivity. The car was designed as a completely new model and although it does share some parts with the Golf, the design has an individuality of its own. It was more expensive than others in its class, but then its design, build and equipment levels do well to justify that. The roof is a particularly sophisticated 5 piece folding hardtop with an integrated sliding glass sunroof to give you an additional option. The VW Eos fills the gap between premium convertibles and those from the mass market.

Volkswagen Eos Details

Production Dates2006-2015
Length 4423 mm / 174 in
Width 1791 mm / 71 in
Height 1444 mm / 57 in
Wheelbase 2578 mm / 101 in
Luggage Capacity 380 litres / 13.42 cu ft
Fuel Tank Capacity 55 litres / 14.5 US gal
Warranty 3 years or 60,000 miles
Service Intervals Variable miles

Volkswagen Eos 1.4 TSI

The Volkswagen Eos 1.4 TSI comes as some surprise to drive as what sounds like an engine too small for this solid family sized convertible turns out to be really quite lively. The combination of turbo boost and low front end weight makes this perhaps the most entertaining to drive car in the Eos range. The only drawback is that there remains a lag at low revs so power is always instantly available.


Fuel type Unleaded Petrol
Engine type Straight 4
Engine Capacity 1390 cc
Power 160@5800 bhp
Torque 177@1500-4500 lb.ft
Transmission type 6-spd manual
Kerb Weight 1526 kg / 3364 lb
UK Retail Price from £27,610
UK Insurance Group 13/24


Max speed (manual) 135 mph / 217 kph
0-100kmph (manual) 8.8 seconds

Economy and Emissions

EU Combined Fuel Economy (manual) 41.5 mpg / 6.8 L/100km
CO2 Emissions (manual) 157 g/km

Volkswagen Eos 2.0 TSI

The Volkswagen Eos 2.0 TSI is a very capable car and with power throughout the rev range has a more grown up feel compared to the 1.4. Ride quality is good even with the sports suspension package and it remains refined, comfortable and quiet to travel in. After the V6 was discontinued this was the only engine option offered to North American customers.


Fuel type Unleaded Petrol
Engine type Straight 4
Engine Capacity 1984 cc
Power 210@5300 bhp
Torque 206@1700-5200 lb.ft
Transmission type 6-spd manual / 6-spd DSG
Kerb Weight 1563 kg / 3446 lb
UK Retail Price from £29,610
US Retail Price from $36,145
UK Insurance Group 15/30


Max speed (manual) 148 mph / 238 kph
Max speed (auto) 147 mph / 237 kph
0-100kmph (manual) 7.8 seconds
0-100kmph (auto) 7.8 seconds

Economy and Emissions

EU Combined Fuel Economy (manual) 39.8 mpg / 7.1 L/100km
EU Combined Fuel Economy (auto) 37.7 mpg / 7.5 L/100km
CO2 Emissions (manual) 165 g/km
CO2 Emissions (auto) 174 g/km

Volkswagen Eos 2.0 TDI

Diesel convertibles remain a bit of a compromise but the Volkswagen Eos 2.0 TDI is one of the best. While not quick it has ample performance is remains quiet and composed at low speeds as week as when cruising. It is a genuinely practical convertible and with the roof up could easily be mistaken for fixed head coupe both in looks and ride quality.


Fuel type Diesel
Engine type Straight 4
Engine Capacity 1968 cc
Power 140@4200 bhp
Torque 236@1750-2500 lb.ft
Transmission type 6-spd manual / 6-spd DSG
Kerb Weight 1592 kg / 3509.8 lb
UK Retail Price from £28,185
UK Insurance Group 12/21


Max speed (manual) 129 mph / 208 kph
Max speed (auto) 127 mph / 204 kph
0-100kmph (manual) 10.3 seconds
0-100kmph (auto) 10.3 seconds

Economy and Emissions

EU Combined Fuel Economy (manual) 58.9 mpg / 4.8 L/100km
EU Combined Fuel Economy (auto) 53.3 mpg / 5.3 L/100km
CO2 Emissions (manual) 125 g/km
CO2 Emissions (auto) 139 g/km

Volkswagen Eos 3.6 V6 FSI

The Volkswagen Eos 3.6 litre V6 and DSG gearbox added a dose of excitement but was dropped in 2010. It is wonderfully smooth and refined but doesn’t feel as responsive as the cheaper 2 litre TFSI engine and certainly isn’t as frugal.


Fuel type Unleaded Petrol
Engine type V6
Engine Capacity 3597 cc
Power 260@6000 bhp
Torque 258@2400-4000 lb.ft
Transmission type 6-speed DSG
UK Retail Price from £30,730
UK Insurance Group 18


Max speed (auto) 153 mph / 246 kph
0-100kmph (auto) 6.9 seconds

Economy and Emissions

EU Combined Fuel Economy (auto) 30.7 mpg / 9.2 L/100km
CO2 Emissions (auto) 214 g/km

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12 Owner Reviews

Do you drive a Volkswagen Eos? Would you recommend it to others? Join the conversation and let us know what you think of the car. This Volkswagen currently has 12 owner reviews.

  1. Avatar for Bob Hann Bob Hann says:

    I’ve had one for one month,LOVE IT! great to drive, love the economy, the roof down experience is what I’ve dreamed about for forty years, brilliant. The big plus; the 2.0l diesel Blue Motion toes my 1.5 ton touring caravan effortlessly and returns 30mpg.

  2. Avatar for John Olliver John Olliver says:

    I bought a new fully loaded (new car so only fully optioned vehicles available, which suited me) VW Eos in 2006 and its been great. The only problem was within a few weeks the gearbox gave trouble ( on a vw!?) which it crunched going up (yes, up!) from 1st to 2nd. At first the dealership tried to fob me off with the usual thoroughly annoying and irritating “no problem found” reply!!!!!
    Being a retired car salesman ( I prefer to be known as a closer as cars sell themselves) I made a fuss (contact MD and all that) finally had it fixed. Ever since it has been great. I hear of other owners having problems, like the roof leaking (with the top up !!) but mines been fine.
    Dislikes – none really. Advice – tyres, mine had Bridgestone Portenza which were so noisy my local garage thought the wheel bearings were shot! When news ones were needed I went for Uniroyals which transform the car, now being much quieter.
    Options on mine inc napa leather seats – steering wheel with controls – that all important rear wind deflector -18 inch wheels (not necessary!!) – and the best of all electric seats .
    The worst thing about the car – rubbish dealership / useless salesmen – in over 6 years no one has contacted me about changing it. The only contact was from VW and all they wanted to know was how good the dealership was (which I told them but that changed nothing) no mention of “how do
    You like your new car?”. Great car – crap dealer and rubbish customer care.

  3. Avatar for Phil white Phil white says:

    I have a EOS sport when the roof is down the car shuttles is this a problem with the car or part of the hardtop

  4. Avatar for Editor Editor says:

    Scuttle shake is common in many convertibles and not usually a sign that anything is wrong with your car. If it is pronounced or wasn’t there before, it is worth getting checked out. Otherwise it is just a characteristic of the car and nothing to worry about.

  5. Avatar for Christine Christine says:

    I’ve owned an Eos from new for the last five years, LOVE IT. Now considering replacing it with another Eos!! I’ve had no issues whatsoever with the car.

  6. Avatar for Trish Trish says:

    I am considering buying a 2013 Volkswagon Eos Komfort but am a little worried about the few comments from people regarding the roof breaking and / or leaking. Have you heard of many of these types of problems? Would I be better getting a BMW 1 series 2013 model or a used BMW 3 series model?


  7. Avatar for Carlos Carlos says:

    I have a vw eos and no problems whatsoever apart from the navigation system that needs update (still working but rather slow and maps outdated). Mine still comes with the 1.6 engine which is suitable for a car of this type – silent, responsive at mid revs – but not really fast. The new 2.0 engine is quite a good choice with the DSG. IF you prefer manual the 1.4 TSI Is an excellent alternative. From the alternatives mentioned by Trish only the 3 series is really comparable to the EOS. The 1 series is a soft top – smaller and not as versatile as vw

  8. Avatar for brian meyl brian meyl says:

    Just recently purchased a 2012 convertible – great , quiet ride
    Could not be happier -plenty of head & leg room even tho I am 6-5
    Love the lines

  9. Avatar for Ian Buckley Ian Buckley says:

    I bought my Eos Exclusive [2.0tdi] Auto in Jan 2012, it was three months old. The car has been faultless in the three and a half years of ownership. I love the design and the colour.

  10. Avatar for Elizabeth Black Elizabeth Black says:

    I’m going for my 1st convertible and not sure whether to get an EOS, Audi A3 or BMW? Can anyone help, the more I read the more confused I’m getting! I’ve more or less stuck to Ford in 15 years of driving, thanks.

  11. Avatar for MelaniT MelaniT says:

    The Volkswagen Eos boasts a strong engine lineup and decent handling, but ultimately it s hampered by weight of its roof

  12. Avatar for Becky Watson Becky Watson says:

    I have a 3.6 Individual . This size engine is rare as the standard engine for the V6 was 3.2. Love the power of the engine, but it can be juicy averaging around 30 mpg (uk). Big car and distinctive looks. The roofs can leak if not looked after but it’s still a proper 4 seater with a hard top.

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