2008 Alfa Romeo Spider

Alfa Romeo have updated their Spider model for 2008 with some genuine improvements rather than the reshaped plastic panels we have seen from other manufacturers.

The Spider benefits from modifications to both the wheels and suspension to reduce weight where it effects driving the most. This in turn should give sharper handling and small improvements in economy and performance.

The new Spider also benefits from a new Q2 differential system which balances torque between the wheels, improving performance and reducing both wheel spin and torque steer. This has proved a real benefit on some of Alfa’s other models, particularly those putting lots of torque through the front wheels.

Alfa Romeo Spider interior

Inside is a sprinkling of useful new gadgets including a dual-zone climate control system and a new satellite navigation system. There are new, more figure hugging seats and the dashboard has been improved with better quality materials and a more sporty layout.

Visual changes come in the form of new 18-inch alloy wheels and a new ‘Ice White’ paint colour.

>> Further details and wallpaper images of the Alfa Romeo Spider