Alfa Romeo have announced their intention to return to the American market with four models along with a new ‘Unique Alfa’ customisation programme with a new selection of options.

Alfa’s first new cars to reach American soil will be 99 of the limited edition 8C Competizione coupes but this will be followed by (among others) this year’s new Spider. The Spider is reviewed in our new free downloadable magazine.

The Alfa Romeo Unique Alfa programme was born from the bespoke level of customisation offer to 8C Competizione customers. By the same principle, the new programme now extends this opportunity to the other Alfa Romeo models with three different areas.

‘Vintage’ is a retro style with classic racing touches, ‘Collezione’ has a contemporary, fashionable style and finally ‘TI’ (Turismo Internazionale) has modern racing inspiration reflecting cutting-edge technologies.

Each of the options has a host of cosmetic details for both the interior and exterior of your new car.

>> Further details and wallpaper images of the Alfa Romeo Spider