Alfa Romeo has recently put its thoroughbred diesel powerplant – the 2.4 JTDM 20V unit that develops 200bhp – in its award-winning Alfa Spider.

The result is sports car looks, performance and handling with city car fuel consumption.

Mated to a six speed gearbox, this Alfa Spider guarantees an entertaining and engaging drive with maximum torque available from as little as 2000rpm. With a top speed of 141mph, the Alfa Spider 2.4 JTDM covers the 0-60mph sprint in a respectable 8.4 seconds.

Around town the diesel Alfa Spider consumes 30.7mpg. On long legged journeys, it will stretch a gallon of diesel for 52.3 miles and in the combined cycle it will return a wallet-stretching 41.5mpg.

The Alfa Spider’s new five cylinder MultiJet engine complies with Euro 4 emissions limits and incorporates a DPF (diesel particulate trap) that eliminates fine dust, already meeting the limits currently envisaged for future Euro 5 legislation. Significantly this feature is a ‘for life’ system that does not need to be regenerated with additives, and will be eligible for tax incentives.

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