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Pontiac Solstice (2005-2009)

The Pontiac Solstice was the first car to use GM’s Kappa platform specifically developed for rear wheel drive roadster production with the aim of taking some market share away from the Mazda Miata and BMW Z4. The first car to use this platform was the Pontiac Solstice which uses the traditional roadster layout of a front-mid-mounted engine, two seats and rear wheel drive.

Power comes from the Ecotec four cylinder also seen in the Vauxhall/Opel Astra coupe. Steering and suspension are both excellent giving this car handling more akin to European sportscars than those from the US but unfortunately it keeps a little too much of the weight of the latter which dulls its sporting edge. As you might expect, GM added power to the Solstice rather than shave off pounds in reaction to this.

The Solstice along with the other cars under the Pontiac brand were phased out during 2009.

Pontiac Solstice Details

Production Dates2005-2009
Length 3993 mm / 157 in
Width 1811 mm / 71 in
Height 1273 mm / 50 in
Wheelbase 2416 mm / 95 in
Warranty years or miles

Pontiac Solstice 2.4


Fuel type Unleaded Petrol
Engine type Straight 4
Engine Capacity 2400 cc
Power 177@6600 bhp
Torque 166@4800 lb.ft
Transmission type 5-spd manual / 5-spd auto
Kerb Weight 1305 kg / 2877 lb


Max speed (manual) 123 mph / 198 kph
0-60mph (manual) 7.3 seconds

Economy and Emissions

EU Combined Fuel Economy (manual) 24 mpg / 11.8 L/100km
EU Combined Fuel Economy (auto) 23 mpg / 12.3 L/100km

Pontiac Solstice GXP 2.0 Turbo

While the Pontiac Solstice is a well balanced roadster it couldn't compete with quicker German competition like the Porsche Boxster until the GXP was launched. It was later joined by the Saturn Sky which sharedboth its platform and engines and was rebranded for European and Korean markets.

The Pontiac Solstice GXP uses a 2 litre ecotec engine along with a potent dual-scroll turbocharger to provide a punch of power that gave new life to the American sports car. The engine was the first from an American automaker to feature direct fuel injection which allowed a higher power output while keeping fuel economy under control.

The GXP also features 'Stabilitrak' traction control and a limited-slip differential to improve high speed handling along with anti-lock brakes to improve stopping power. There was also an optional engine remap that would further boostpower to 290 bhp and 340 lbft of torque.


Fuel type Unleaded Petrol
Engine type Straight 4
Engine Capacity 2000 cc
Power 260@5300 bhp
Torque 260@2500-5250 lb.ft
Transmission type 5-spd manual / 5-spd auto


Max speed (manual) 142 mph / 229 kph
0-60mph (manual) 5.6 seconds

Economy and Emissions

EU Combined Fuel Economy (manual) 24 mpg / 11.8 L/100km
EU Combined Fuel Economy (auto) 23 mpg / 12.3 L/100km

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4 Owner Reviews

Do you drive a Pontiac Solstice? Would you recommend it to others? Join the conversation and let us know what you think of the car. This Pontiac currently has 4 owner reviews.

  1. Avatar for Fitz Fitz says:

    This looks as a porsche but at a lot price. For sure it’s the best looking roadster for the price. His also quick and very easy to use. It’s a colective car.

  2. Avatar for Dave Dave says:

    My solstice gxp sticks to road like glue and with its very short wheelbase,it turns on a dime…I don’t think there is a 2 litre car out there that can match it. With its 260 bhp and light weight, it’s power is more comparable to a 3 litre plus

  3. Avatar for don don says:

    lets start with me i’m 6’1 and 250 not a small boy, that being said getting in and out of this car is a breeze if the seat is properly adjusted, what is properly adjusted for someone this size? scoot the seat forward about 3-4 clicks and then recline the seat and it will make all the difference in the world, do not scoot the seat all the way back and have it straight up and down thinking its going to give you the most amount of space, just trust me that roof rail has no give and it hurts.
    the car performs like a dream stops on a dime and corners like its on rails, I have fun running with the gsxr’s in the twisties, power is adequate and by that I mean goodbye gt mustang mr pick up truck with that oh ive gotta hemmi attitude, but still not quite fast enough for my taste and that’s with a gmpp tune and upgraded 3 bar sensors. but there are a ton of upgrades for about $5k you can see in the neighborhood of 500 wheel hp, I know this seen the dynos and time slips and that will be next move, however I am losing traction in first gear about 2 seconds out of the hole and my fuel mileage could be better averaging 23 mpg around town so I plan to change the rear gears to 3:42 and the stock are 3:90’s and I believe that’ll keep launch controllable give a good dose of top end and raise my fuel avg drastically when cruising, that of course is to be seen……….. in short no need for the ls engine unless you just have 35k you want to put into a 30k car…….. personally i’ll just keep my 500 bhp 4 banger. everyone has theyre opinion im not here to argue just trying to give mine……….

  4. Avatar for Bob L Bob L says:

    Nice article, lots of information. But at the moment all the photos are of concept.
    I would suggest to include some photos of final product as well.

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