With all the changes going on at Chrysler we were concerned that the Dodge Demon roadster concept would never see the light of day. Fortunately then, design chief Trevor Creed shares our concerns. He is fighting for the car to make it through to production and recently claimed that the “conditions were right” for such a vehicle, and with Cerberus’ new ownership, the private equity group could make a lot of friends inside and outside Chrysler by making the Demon a reality.

Chrysler have been through three CEOs, and two ownership groups in the past 18 months so the launch of this fun little roadster, pitched as a baby Viper could be a very positive move. The Demon, first seen at the Geneva Motor Show in March is similar in size to the market leading Mazda MX5 and in the US the car would also compete with the Pontiac Solstice and .

Power would come from a 172 horsepower 2.4 liter engine, offering peak torque of 165 pound-feet. A six-speed manual gearbox sends the power to the rear wheels. Chrysler plan for this “attainable dream car” to hit the $15,000 price point.