Convertible car insurance

Insuring a convertible car may not be as expensive as you might think, however prices may be higher than the fixed roof alternatives. Shopping around for a good deal is always a good idea and there are a few things to keep in mind when asking for quotes.

Convertibles are often valuable luxury cars with high performance and so insurance may be justifiably high but insurers now recognise that convertible owners take great care with their cars and are therefore less likely to make a claim.

Although insurance for convertible cars can be purchased from most standard insurers if your insurance policy is not specifically for convertibles it may not take the details of your car into consideration. For instance on a sunny day many convertible drivers will leave their car parked with the roof down but few standard policies will cover a car left in this way and so may not pay out if it is stolen, rain damaged or vandalised.

Vandelism is an issue whether you roof is up or down and is one reason for the rise in popularity of hardtop convertibles. Check that hood damage from vandals is covered by your policy and that the excess is at a level low enough to allow for a replacement roof should it ever be needed.

Most convertibles will be covered by the various companies covered on car insurance comparison sites and this may well be where the best bargins can be found. There are a few insurance companies who claim to have policies specific for convertible cars but it is always worth taking a closer look at any policy to check that you are fully covered. It’s always worth getting several quotes for your convertible car insurance as prices can vary considerably. Comparison sites can be great but always check the terms and make sure you know your rights.

Many people prefer to opt for policies organised by car clubs. These are often tailored to the specific cars the club caters for and can not only provide a discounted rate but a comprehensive coverage.

It is also worth remembering that in many countries simply eating, drinking or smoking while driving can invalidate car insurance should you have an accident as well as resulting in hefty fines.