Lancia Powerboat

Yes this is a boat. Despite a history of stunning roadsters the only convertible in Lancia’s current range is a powerboat. We decided the fact that it is built by Lancia, one of the great names in Italian motoring makes it worthy of a mention. It also has a power convertible top which thought was rather neat!

>Lancia’s association with the sea in fact dates back many years and involves sailing as well as powered boating. From the Flaminia class speed boats of the 1960s to the Monaco Classic Week 2009. Back in the 1920s, the company’s founder, Vincenzo Lancia himself, drew inspiration from the ribbing of boat hulls to design the monocoque body shell of the Lancia Lambda, an innovation that changed car design for ever.

Lancia Powerboat

The Lancia Powerboat is the creation of Christian Grande, one of today’s most talented boat designers, and the genius behind concepts that extend beyond the confines of boat design into the realm of dynamic art. Each individual boat is unique, manufactured industrially, but finished with all the care and attention of a master boat-builder. The fibreglass hull is made using moulds finished by robot milling machines. Every component is then assembled and installed by hand to permit each boat to be personalised to customer specifications.

The boat’s roof blends perfectly with the lines of the boat, thanks to a low profile that accentuates the vessel’s sporting character. You can nevertheless stand up in the cockpit even with the hood in place. The hood retracts into a dedicated compartment leaving the full beauty of the cockpit open to the sun. Martini Racing graphics add a final sporting touch.

The Lancia Powerboat will be presented to the public at the Genoa Boat Show.