Bentley Continental GTC Mk2

Feel you’ve seen it before? An easy mistake to make but this is the new Bentley Continental GTC. An evolution of the old car, it has been redeveloped in almost every aspect without loosing its trademark looks. The update to ‘Mark 2’ configuration brings the Bentley GTC up the specifications of the GT Continental Coupé introduced last year.

There is wider track both front and rear and a refined suspension system to make the Continental even more sure footed. Handling is also improved by a rebalance of torque through the four wheel drive system. Rather than the previous 50:50 balance the rear wheels now take 60% of the torque thus reducing understeer and adding driver control.

There is a larger new interior space with even greater attention to quality and finish. There is more leg room for the rear seats, the latest touch screen entertainment system and Mercedes-inspired neck warmers for colder days.

The W12 engine remains but with an increase in power to 567 bhp and gets a new QuickShift automatic transmission for faster gear changes. The result is an acceleration fro 0-61 mph in 4.5 seconds.

The new Bentley convertible will make its first public appearance alongside a bevy of other exotic new drop-tops at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show.