Toyota Hybrid Concept Car

A new road-going concept car developed by Toyota and Japan’s Gazoo Racing has been unveiled. The snappily named GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II looks ready to go into production and indeed it will be racing at the Nürburgring 24-hour race this weekend.

Although a hybrid this is no planet loving softy like Toyota’s Prius. A mid mounted 3.5 litre V6 engine is the main source of power with 245 bhp output sent to the rear wheels. An extra 50 bhp comes from an electric motor powering the front wheels. The layout is said to give a stable, well balanced chassis with a weight of less than 1500kg.

The small convertible sports car could be a sign of Toyota returning to the sports car market after the MR2 Roadster was discontinued in 2006. It is however at this point only a promising concept.