TVR Tuscan

TVR the eccentric British sports car brand is back in business after a 4 year gap when the Blackpool factory was shut down due to poor sales and high overheads. The company is now based out of Vienna, Austria however it is unclear of whether the cars will be built in Austria or at TVR Power in Coventry who are listed as the contact for car maintenance, service and upgrades.

A retro logo is displayed on the new TVR website which reports that the company will either overhaul and upgrade an older car or build a new one to order. With lessons learnt from the past the company is now using reliable engines from a major manufacturer rather than attempting to produce innovative powerplants of their own. General Motors’ 6.2-litre LS3 V8 will be used throughout the range with a 5 speed manual gearbox and this engine can be fitted as an upgrade to a range of older cars from the Griffith to the Sagaris.

The models currently being built are currently only previous designs however new models may well be in the pipeline. The Russian owned business will have to work hard to win back TVR’s mostly British fans now the company has left the country so their product quality will have to be exceptional to guarantee success. No prices are listed at present but the company is apparently taking orders for built to order cars.