Rumour has it Ferrari is to launch a 2+2 coupe-cabriolet with a folding hard-top roof at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2008.

Codenamed the F149′ and refered to in rumours as the 430 GT California, however it is far from a re-designed F430 Spider. The F149 is expected to be a front engined design styled by Pininfarina. As with the F430 it will have a new generation aluminium spaceframe chassis and a 450bhp version of its direct-injection 4.3 litre V8 engine. The F1 ‘Superfast’ sequential-shift transmission will be standard with a manual gearbox as an option. as in the F430 Scuderia launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show, although manual transmission will be optional.

The layout of this car is expected to have small rear seats and the usual rear wheel drive. Pricing is expected to be considerably less than the current F430 Spider at around €130,000.