Ariel Atom

Ariel have suggested that their future cars will move away from using internal combustion engines and towards alternative energy sources. Possible solutions will come from electric and hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Atom fans have no reason to feel sad though, if an electric version of Ariel’s car produced in Silicon Valley, the Wrightspeed X1 is anything to go by. The X1 concept has been quoted to accelerate from 0-60mph in just over 3 seconds while offering equivalent fuel economy of 170 mpg. Wrightspeed say that they won’t be putting the car into production but Ariel may have other ideas.

Ariel will continue their production of lightweight, high performance cars through the use of innovative new technologies. Future new cars will however depart from the exposed skeletal structure of the Atom, and will not be mid-engined. All cryptic stuff and seemingly a long way in the future we feel, but it’s good to know that this British sportscar manufacture is continuing to innovate.

In the meantime they are progressing with plans to build the 3 litre V8 powered car that we revealed last year.