Daihatsu D-X Concept

The Daihatsu Copen roadster has always been at the top of our list for value and fun but it has been around for a decade now so we have been keen to know what they will come up with next. The concept released at the Tokyo Motor Show can at least give us some ideas. Named the Daihatsu D-X (pronounced Dee Cross) it is a kind of tiny SUV/Roadster crossover.

The Japanese kei car dimensions remain but the design is a lot more chunky and aggressive than the cute little Copen. 60 horsepower comes from a two cylinder turbo petrol engine and drives the front wheels only but as with the Copen there may be another engine for export sales.

As with the Copen the Daihatsu D-X features a retractable hard top however the concept has a clever system of interchangeable body panels allowing the owner to easily update the colour and style of the car. The styling may not be a s cheeky as the Copen but it may broaden the appeal of the new car.

It isn’t the first roadster concept we’ve seen from Daihatsu with the Daihatsu OFC-1 Concept never getting the go-ahead for production. A new Daihatsu roadster based on the D-X concept should be more lucky with aims to released it Japan within the next couple of years but it is unclear whether or not the car would be exported to the rest of the world.