Meguiar’s, the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive surface care products, has added a new product catering for convertible drivers to their popular Enthusiast range. The Meguiar’s Clean and Weatherproof system has been specially developed for cabriolets and is designed to penetrate, clean and protect canvas, mohair and vinyl ‘soft tops’. Like other products of its type it consists of two stages.

Meguiar's convertible cleaner
Step 1 – Meguiar’s Convertible & Cabriolet Cleaner
Meguiar’s Convertible & Cabriolet Cleaner is formulated to penetrate the surface of the roof, safely removing stains without the need for hard scrubbing. The biodegradable spray cleans and prevents mildew while guaranteeing the safe and effective removal of dirt, bird droppings, insects, oil and hard water stains all without drying out the surface.

Step 2 – Meguiar’s Convertible & Cabriolet Weatherproofer
When applied to a convertible roof, Meguiar’s Convertible & Cabriolet Weatherproofer coats the surface creating a long-lasting barrier against the damaging effects of tree sap, bird droppings and water borne contaminants. Applied as an aerosol, the coating repels moisture and stains while also preventing colour fading which can be caused by prolonged UV exposure and offers comprehensive protection against the elements.