Peugeot 308CC

Peugeot have released the first details and pictures of the new 308CC, the replacement for the popular Peugeot 307CC.

The Peugeot 308CC, due for launch at the Paris Motor Show this September, combines the knowledge learnt from the 206CC, 207CC and 307CC with the solid platform of the new 308 series of cars. Peugeot hope to capture the ‘spirit’ of the 307CC while offering a stylish, up-to-date car.

Both interior and exterior have a clearly sporting influence which seems in stark contrast with the sleepy handling 308 hatchback. The sports seats and rear diffuser suggest a lively drive however we expect this car to be more of a cruising machine. Those front seats in fact bring with them a luxury usually only seen in high end Mercedes roadsters – a warm air heating system to warm the occupants on cooler days.

That slick folding hardtop now disappears out of site in just 20 seconds and of course the as with previous models the equipment levels are very impressive. A selection of in car entertainment systems include hard drives for media storage and retractable LCD screens for satellite navigation display.

It is also worthy to note that Peugeot’s current safety record for convertibles sets the standard for the industry. The current 207CC is the best in it’s class and there is every reason to expect the Peugeot 308CC to follow it’s lead.

Peugeot 308 CC

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