Noble Speedster 600

The British super sports car builder is better known for their spartan driver focused mid-engined coupes so the Noble Speedster 600 is their first move towards a more desirable lifestyle car without loosing any of the performance.

Fitted with a stowable hardtop roof panel and plenty of quilted leather trim, the Speedster 600 is otherwise closely based on the Noble M600 – a British supercar with 650bhp in its most potent form. The M600 is known for its incredible performance and friendly handling. Its can reach 200mph in less than 30 seconds and has a driving experience favourably compared to the infamous Ferrari F40. The M600 benefits from a lack of computers and digital nannies which gives a undiluted drive with the feel of a classic racing car. Despite this it remains composed and comfortable for road driving. Lets hope the Speedster inherits these characteristics.

The interior shows clear signs that Noble are feeling the pressure to add some style to their usually stripped back and functional cars. It doesn’t appear to go much further than some embroidered red leather though. Like the M600, power comes from a twin turbo-charged version of Volvo’s 4.4 litre V8 from the XC90 SUV while the kerb weight shouldn’t be much more than the coupe’s 1250kg.

The Noble Speedster 600 remains at pre-production stage with a launch pencilled in for late in the summer of 2015.

Noble Speedster 600 interior

Noble Speedster 600 interior

Noble Speedster 600 rear