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Convertible Car News: BlueSport

Future looks dim for the VW BlueSport platform

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VW Bluesport Roadster

There has been talk of a family of small mid-engined roadsters from Volkswagen for some time and with the car now close to completion it seems to have fallen from favour among the companies senior executives. The car which was launched as the VW BlueSport Roadster concept in Detroit in 2009 is aimed to be a super-efficient low-carbon sports car.


Porsche plans new entry-level roadster

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New Porsche Roadster

The rumours are strong of a new Porsche roadster to fit beneath the Boxster in the range. The new car will be based on Volkswagen’s BlueSport roadster platform which has been under development for some time.

The Boxster has been a massive success for Porsche bringing the brand mainstream success while boasting best-in-class handling and quality. 300,000 cars have now been sold on the Boxster/Caymen platform in 15 years and it’s still going strong.


Audi R4 Roadster is no more

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Audi R4 Roadster

Reports in the german media suggest the planned Audi R4 Roadster has been cancelled before it makes production.