Diesel convertibles have been around in Europe for quite a while but across the pond in the US they are still unheard of. The reason is all to do with fuel prices. Fuel tax is far higher across Europe and every MPG can make a sizeable difference. Cost savings don’t have to mean an end to fun however and with modern diesel engines getting cleaner and quieter they are becoming more attractive to convertible drivers.

With fuel prices ever on the increase Volkswagen have decided that it might be time to introduce the diesel convertible to American drivers. The new Beetle Cabriolet will come with the option of a 2 litre turbo diesel powerplant.

In Europe the diesel convertible is particularly popular with company car drivers who need to balance high mileage practicalities with driver enjoyment. Whether American drivers are willing to sacrifice engine note for fuel economy in their convertibles however, is yet to be seen.