Vermot Veritas

The Vermot Veritas RS III Roadster is beginning its production run for its first lucky customers. Deliveries of this back-to-basics supercar will begin in January 2010 and buyers will have to part with €345,000 (US$514,700) for the privilege. According to its maker, Vermot AG, the 1+1 seat (a second seat is hidden) supercar has already been sold to eight customers from places such as Australia, Monaco and the UK. The eight are part of only 30 that will be produced. It takes 15 people about eight weeks to complete one car and three cars at a time will be built.

Vermot VeritasEvery inch of the car is about performance which results in a car that reputedly outpaced a Ferrari F430 Scuderia around Germany’s Hockenheim race circuit. It’s a looker too with aggressive, determined lines. Constructed of a lightweight carbon fibre body wrapped around a tubular frame structure the RS III Roadster features ceramic brakes and sports suspension as well as 325/25 rear and 255/30 Dunlop front tyres. Power comes from the BMW Motorsport’s naturally aspirated 5.0-litre V10 which makes 373kW (507hp) at 7,750rpm and 520Nm of torque at 6,100rpm. As standard it comes with the BMW 7-speed SMG transmission but a 6-speed manual is available as an option. 0-100km/h takes less than 3.2 seconds while the top end is 347km/h (216mph).

The curb weight is a mere 1,080kg (2,381lbs). Vermot has extensively tested the car on the Nurburgring circuit and says it will give drivers a sense of a real racing car while for the more cautious owner there are safety nets such as ESP stability control and ABS brakes.