Volvo C70

Volvo have announced the closure of their Uddevalla plant int Sweden. The factory was a joint corporate venture with Volvo and Pininfarina and known as Pininfarina Sverige AB and was producing only one car – the Volvo C70 coupe convertible. Earlier in the year the year Volvo announced that it would take sole ownership of the facility with a changeover in 2013 so we can only assume that this deal has been withdrawn.

The plant was running at around 65% capacity and the decision was made that it was no longer financially viable. The workforce of 600 will be offer positions elsewhere within the company.

The Volvo C70 remains on sale while the remaining inventory is run down. No news has yet been released for an alternative site for C70 production so this my be an early end to its production cycle.

The C70 Convertible was released in 2003 to critical acclaim but met stiff competition from many rivals which may have limited sales figures in its later years. A discontinuation of the C70 would leave Volvo with no convertible cars within their range.