Future BMW Convertibles

There are at least three new BMW convertibles being developed for released over the next couple of years. These come in-line with the German brand’s latest styling route as seen on the latest 5-Series saloon, 6-Series Convertible and Coupe as well as the new 1-Series hatchback.

Most prominently under development is the 2012 BMW M6 Convertible. The range topping high performance version of the 6-Series Convertible has been seen undergoing final testing at the place many manufacturers choose to give a preview their latest cars – the Nurburgring. From what we can see the new car has an updated front apron to suck in more cooling air and at the rear a new diffuser and the obligatory M quad exhaust pipes. It is also has subtly wider track with smoothly flared wheel arches. As with the previous model the new M6 will share the its engine and transmission with the M5 of the same period. This means the same turbocharged 4.4 litre V8 although it may be tuned to create even more than the M5’s 560 horsepower. The resulting 0-60 mph should be covered in well under 5 seconds.

Thoughts that the M6 would be passed over for a new eco friendly super car based on the i8 concept (pictured) seem a little premature. The BMW M6 Convertible should be released before the summer of 2012 is over.

Other cars in the works include a new BMW 1-Series Convertible based on the same platform and styling as the latest 1-Seies hatchback. Expect the coupe to come first though so this car may not arrive until 2013. It all depends on how quickly the development team can work and how sophisticated the roof is. We’d expect it to be a soft-top to make the most of the luggage space.

Last in the list is a mid-cycle update to the BMW 3-Series Convertible. The styling of the 3 Series doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the range and the front end has always seemed a bit soft – lacking the aggression usually associated with the brand. The face-lift will help it to fit in with the latest and arguably more attractive BMW 5 and 6 Series. The engines will most likely be updated with the latest technology enhancements and the interior may be refreshed too. The new saloon will be unveiled at the Detroit Show in January while the new look BMW 3-Series Convertible should reach showrooms before 2013.

Expect to learn a lot more about these future BMW Convertibles when March’s Geneva Motor Show arrives. Looking further into the future we can expect to see the latest BMW concept cars showing their influence. The i BMW sub brand is very much a reality with 100 million US dollars committed to making the ‘eco’ dreams come true. The i3 and i8 concepts are being developed for future production and if successful they will pave the way for future BMW convertibles using alternative fuels.