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BMW Convertible Cars:

BMW convertible cars

BMW stand as one of the leading builders of convertible cars. In the 1980s they helped to revive the cabriolet with the E30 3 Series which proved to be wildly popular. The secret of the BMW convertible was to make the car both practical and desirable. They managed it with great effect and their soft-top car sales only continue to grow. Today BMW convertibles are the market leaders in many sectors thanks to great build quality and impressive driving dynamics. The range includes both fabric and hard top convertibles with 4 seats as well as the sporty Z4 Roadster.

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BMW Convertible News

  • Trident Magna Roadster

    Is the Trident Magna already too late?

    Launch of the Trident Magna Roadster raises the question once again of whether it is viable to start a small sports car company when buyers are so accustomed to digital-age levels of safety, reliability equipment levels and build quality.


  • BMW M4 Convertible

    BMW M4 Convertible Revealed

    The latest high performance 4 seat convertible from BMW will be called the BMW M4 Convertible but don’t worry, it couldn’t be more M3 if it tried. The 4-Series is still based on the platform of the 3-Series car but the name is used tho separate the more sporting coupe and convertible models.


  • BMW 4-Series Convertible

    BMW 4-Series Convertible Unveiled

    BMW have officially released the first images of the new 4-Series Convertible which will debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. The BMW 4-Series replaces the 3-Series Coupe and Convertible with the aim of setting these more sporting cars apart from the 4 door 3-Series cars.


BMW Convertible Buyer's Guide

The Convertible Car Magazine Buyer's Guide is a reference to the production convertibles currently available. Here we look at the range of BMW convertibles produced in recent years.