Bentley Continental Supersports ISR Mulliner

First there was the Bentley Continental Supersports. It seemed rather strange; Bentley are best known for their luxurious saloons and grand tourers and the Supersports seemed a little uncouth with its sports seats and bonnet vents. These things had previously been beneath the aristocratic brand whose cars were always unquestionably fast and powerful but didn’t like to push it down your throat.

Sadly the current crop of Bentley owners seem to fall into the celebrity and footballer bracket and so the demand for cars with more bling has grown. The Bentley Continental Supersports ISR takes its name from the car that recently broke the ice speed record and is more or less the same car give or take a few aerodynamic tweaks. The worrying thing though is the presence of Porsche style graphics along the doors. Perhaps something to do with Bentley’s new CEO being Wolfgang Dürheimer, former head of Porsche R&D. Either way, we hope that this is just a brief fling with vinyl and there is a more genteel return to form around the corner.