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Caterham convertible cars

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Caterham Convertible News

  • Caterham Seven Kamui Kobayashi

    Caterham Seven Kamui Kobayashi special edition

    The Caterham Seven Kamui Kobayashi edition has been created in partnership with the company’s F1 Team driver. It reflects both his Formula One car and his taste for stripped-back driver’s cars.


  • Caterham Seven 160

    Caterham Seven 160 – Back to Basics Roadster

    While today’s roadsters may be more powerful than ever, as cars continue to become further sophisticated the basic driving experience becomes ever diluted. Caterham comes to the rescue with a new base model Seven. The Caterham Seven 160 is free of all the ‘drive-by-wire’ technology of modern cars, in-fact there is very little of anything.


  • Caterham AeroSeven Concept

    Caterham lays out future plans

    Caterham launched their new concept car today at the Singapore Grand Prix and have given an insight into their roadmap for the future. The new Caterham AeroSeven Concept is a thoroughly modern take on the kind of sports cars Caterham have made for the last 40 years. While it may look like an all-new car […]