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Electric Convertible Cars:

Electric Convertible Cars

Electricity is seen as a more efficient power source for cars by centralising the production of power to power stations rather than the individual vehicle. Electric cars still remain controversial with the emissions remaining though being detached from the car. It is often seen as a stop-gap for the motor industry while more efficient power sources such as hydrogen fuel cells can be developed.

The first electric car was developed as a convertible in 1900 by Lohner-Porsche. The car’s design used an innovative hybrid system that featured both large batteries and a petrol powered generator to power electric motors at each wheel.

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News About Electric Convertible Cars

  • Smart For-Us concept

    Smart For-Us compact utility concept

    The latest concept from Smart is a funky little utility vehicle. Designed to combine active lifestyle practicality with urban practicality the Smart For-Us is a fascinating idea. Unlike your average American pick-up there isn’t room for a jet-ski or a quad-bike but there is plenty of space for a couple of electric bikes.


  • Honda Small Sports EV Concept

    Honda Small Sports EV Concept

    Honda is set to unveil an electric convertible sports car concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in December. The design is not a fanciful dream of a car but looks like something that could be headed for production.


  • Future BMW Convertibles

    Future BMW Convertibles

    There are at least three new BMW convertibles being developed for released over the next couple of years. These come in-line with the German brand’s latest styling route as seen on the latest 5-Series saloon, 6-Series Convertible and Coupe as well as the new 1-Series hatchback.