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Convertible Track Day Cars:

Convertible Track Day Cars

Track days have become a modern phenomenon. The high levels of power and chassis improvements of modern cars along with increasing amounts of traffic on the roads has left owners of performance cars few options if they want to legally enjoy fast driving.

By paying to use a racing track you can enjoy taking your car to it’s limits in a safe and legal environment.

The number of cars that are designed specifically for trackday weekends are increasing and the convertible cars we see here are pefect for having a lot of fun during your track time.

Select from these convertible track day cars for more information:

News About Convertible Track Day Cars

  • 2018 BAC Mono

    2018 BAC Mono Introduced to the US

    BAC has officially launched their new BAC Scottsdale dealership set up by former Major League Baseball All-Star CJ Wilson. Operating out of the McLaren Scottsdale dealership, they aim to sell a limited number of BAC Mono supercars.


  • Elemental RP-1

    Elemental RP-1

    The latest in a long line of performance focused cars from start-up companies is here. The British built Elemental RP-1 is a road-legal track car which uses high-tech materials and minimalist design to make a featherweight sports car.


  • Caterham Seven Kamui Kobayashi

    Caterham Seven Kamui Kobayashi special edition

    The Caterham Seven Kamui Kobayashi edition has been created in partnership with the company’s F1 Team driver. It reflects both his Formula One car and his taste for stripped-back driver’s cars.