Nissan Murano Convertible

The latest convertible rumour doing the rounds is that Nissan is due to bring out a convertible version of their Murano corssover next year.

Nissan are currently on a drive to shake up the auto industry with flamboyant and innovative car designs such as the new Juke sports/off-roader and super-quick GTR. So far, in an industry that is leaning towards ‘safe’ Nissan seems to have a successful strategy. So does a convertible soft-roader sound like the way forward? Nissan apparently think so. The rumours tell that the new car was shown to shocked dealers in July at their Las Vagas meet and will likely to go on sale in time for summer 2011.

We can only wonder who would want such a car? There is certainly room in the market for a large convertible with room for a family however we can only wait and see what Nissan really hope to achieve with such a new concept.