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Four-Wheel-Drive Convertibles:

Four-Wheel-Drive Convertibles

The number of four wheel drive convertibles available is quite surprising. The breakdown is mostly related to Volkswagen Group’s commitment to the technology with its use in their Audi, Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini cars. The number of convertible cars that are true off-roaders is considerably smaller. While Jeep vehicles traditionally had minimal bodywork and no roof their current line of SUVs are more civilised and only the Wrangler 4×4 has a convertible top.

The first four-wheel-drive system was patented by English engineer Bramah Diplock in 1893 for use on traction engines and the technology was developed for a convertible car in 1900 by Lohner-Porsche. This was also the world’s first hybrid powered car. The first four-wheel-drive car with an internal combustion engine (again a convertible) was the Spyker 60HP was unveiled in 1903.

In the 1980s the AMC Eagle range included the first convertible car to the FF (Formula Ferguson) system of full-time all-wheel-drive (Jensen did not build a convertible version of their Interceptor FF). Although a clever design the AMC Eagle Convertible had a limited market and only lasted two years production.

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News About Four-Wheel-Drive Convertibles

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Buyer's Guide to Four-Wheel-Drive Convertibles

The Convertible Car Magazine Buyer's Guide is a reference for all production convertibles currently available. Here we look at the best Four-Wheel-Drive Convertibles on the market.