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Hardtop Convertibles:

Hardtop Convertibles

Hardtop convertible cars are becoming increasingly popular as motor manufacturers strive to make their vehicles more appealing. Watching a hardtop roof fold away out of sight is certainly a crowd pleaser.

The earliest production car with a folding hard roof dates all the way back to 1935 Peugot 402 Eclipse Decapotable. While the first really successful modern convertible car to feature a retractable folding hardtop and start the current trend was the 1996 Mercedes-Benz SLK Roadster. The Mercedes SLK sold well and encouraged a whole new set of customers to consider driving a convertible.

The benefits of a folding hardtop convertible roof are both perceived and actual improvements in safety and security as well as improved sound and weather proofing. On the down-side the roof usually adds weight, needs extra storage space and when folded can considerably reduce the luggage compartment.

Several major manufacturers (such as Audi and Porsche) have yet to venture into retractable hardtop convertibles and instead focus on making their best drop-tops with very high quality fabric soft-top roofs while enjoying the benefit of their light weight and easy stowing. On the other hand brands such as Mazda, Mercedes and even Ferrari have managed to prove that the benefits of hardtop convertible cars can be combined with great style and high performance.

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Buyer's Guide to Hardtop Convertibles

The Convertible Car Magazine Buyer's Guide is a reference for all production convertibles currently available. Here we look at the best Hardtop Convertibles on the market. See our News section for information on the latest Hardtop Convertibles before they reach showrooms.